Atlanta DA in Rayshard Brooks Case Caught on Video Calling a Taser a “Deadly Weapon Under Georgia Law”

Two weeks ago, the Atlanta DA who just charged Garrett Rolfe with felony murder in the Rayshard Brooks case, also charged officers with aggravated assault for using a taser on protesters. Rayshard Brooks took Officer Rolfe’s taser and fired it at him. This lead to Rolfe firing his weapon and killing Brooks.

Since a taser is considered a deadly weapon, wouldn’t Officer Rolfe have shot Brooks in self-defense because Brooks fired the taser at Rolfe? DA Paul Howard can’t have it both ways.

Guaranteed, the video below will be used by the Defense in court:

“A taser is considered a deadly weapon under Georgia law”

This DA is under investigation and is up for reelection so he’s bowing to the powers-that-be and has overcharged Officer Rolfe.

Howard is under investigation for the fraud of nonprofit and is in hot water over a sexual harassment charge.

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