Report: Parents Turn-Over Their 20-Year-Old Marxist Son Wanted For Inciting Pittsburgh Riots to the Police

Thanks, mom and dad, you did the right thing

Thanks to a responsible mom and dad, their 20-year-old communist son is now in police custody.

Young Brian Bartels stands accused of inciting “George Floyd” riots in Pittsburgh. Bartels was dressed in the typical all-black “militant” costume Antifa terrorists wear.

From Sarah Carter

A suspected Antifa anarchist accused of inciting riots in Pittsburgh was turned in to police by his own parents Monday evening. Brian Bartels, 20, is accused of inciting violent protests in the city on Saturday in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

“Police secured the warrant as part of an investigation into a male suspect who incited Saturday’s violence by breaking the windows out of a marked Pittsburgh Police vehicle Uptown, against the wishes of peaceful protesters who tried to stop him,” police spokesman Chris Togneri told Fox News of the search law enforcement conducted on his home in Shaler, PA.


Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert attributed the chaos across the city to Antifa. “I’m willing to bet my check that there’s a lot of people who are anarchists, who, they’re not here to protest what happened, they’re not here to protest what happened, they’re here to take advantage of situations and throw it their way and bring other people into the mix and cause damage and cause injury,” Cheif Schubert told KTKA-TV.

The parents turned their son in at the beginning of the month.

Bartels is facing charges of institutional vandalism, rioting, and reckless endangerment. According to police, he’s responsible for breaking the windows out of a Pittsburgh police car against the wishes of peaceful protesters.

Authorities got a search warrant and went into Bartels’s home. While inside they found evidence that links him to the protests — guns, spray paint, and gloves. They also found the sweatshirt matching the one seen in the video of the protest on Saturday.

Here’s a video of them walking into the police station.

Happy that these parents did the right thing. However, it’s sad that their son went so far astray and lost his way.

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