[VIDEO] Black Americans March Chanting #AllLivesMatter And Say, “We Need to Forgive the Past And Move On”

Somebody, please get this man to the White House STAT!

A small but loud and powerful group of black Americans marched around the Capitol in D.C, chanting “All Lives Matter.”

The video has gone viral because really, this is the message that this country needs right now.

This is a unifying message where everyone can come together and work on the issues our country faces in a positive and healthy way.

I don’t have context on who exactly this group is or why they were in D.C., but I didn’t much care, because I thought this man’s message was important enough to share regardless.

I can tell you that they’re all wearing the same T-shirts that read “Pray America Campaign 2020.”

The man who appears to be the “leader” talks about how America is a great nation, and we’re all American citizens and we all need one another and if we’re going to save America, we all need to come together.

He goes on to say that we all know what happened in the past, but we need to forgive the past and move on.


You can watch the video below:

I wish someone would get this man to the White House and introduce him to President Trump.

His message is sone of healing, and positivity, and love – and that’s what we need to drown out the gate and divisiveness from the media and Democrats.

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