[VIDEO] Female Dem Reps Accuse Barr of Being a “Disrespectful, Sexist and Hostile” Witness at House Hearing

It’s amazing to me how all of these so-called “strong and empowered” women are always victimized by big bad men.

It’s amazing to me how all of these so-called “strong and empowered” women are always victimized by big bad men.

I am supposed to believe that progressive feminists are these amazing capable businesswomen and politicians, but they can’t even handle questioning a man without running to the media, crying about how hurt and offended they were?

Doesn’t seem very logical, now does it?

But Dems are not known for “logic.”

And nowhere was that more evident than the recent Barr House testimony.

The female Dem Reps were so “shook” and scared by Barr, that they literally ran to the media to cry and tattle on him after the hearings were over.

From Bizpacreview

Though Democrats repeatedly disrespected Attorney General Bill Barr when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, in their eyes they’re the victims.

After the hearing, multiple female Democrats — some of the rudest ones too, ironically enough — rushed to far-left outlets like MSNBC to weep and gnash their teeth.

“You saw his affect yesterday. He was disrespectful, spoke over top of every one of us, in particular he spoke over women,” one of those Democrats, truth-averse Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean, whined on MSNBC early Wednesday morning.

“He was flanked by at least 10 staffers, not a person of color among them, and he couldn’t identify that we have systemic racism in this country. Maybe that’s because he’s living in a bubble. I just have to tell you, it was so disrespectful the way he approached Congress, the way he approached our committee.”

You can watch the videos below:

The reality of the situation is that the Dems were rude, nasty, and hostile.

But you don’t see Barr running to the media and crying about it.

That’s politics. And ladies, if you can’t handle that, maybe you should quit your job and join a quilting bee or a book club.

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