Video: Racist Biden Senior Adviser Caught in the Lie that Trump “Couldn’t Even Utter” George Floyd’s Name

Joe Biden senior advisor Symone Sanders FALSELY claimed that President Trump “couldn’t even utter George Floyd’s name.”

President Trump has repeatedly addressed the death of George Floyd and called on the DOJ to launch an investigation.


This is the same political opportunist who was a Democratic Party Strategist who was constantly on CNN  before becoming a Biden Senior Adviser:

She’s a racist.

Democratic Party strategist Symone Sanders was asked about the Trump supporter who was beaten by an angry mob after being dragged from his car. You WILL NOT believe her response.

Trump supporter Carl Higbie retorted that there was violence on both sides and that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama hadn’t bothered to denounce the violence at anti-Trump rallies. “I’m sorry, hate crimes and protesting are not the same things…” Sanders responded. “A hate crime is a crime that is committed against somebody because of their religion, because of what they look like, because of their sexual orientation. That’s not the same thing as protesting.”

“What do you say to the people who dragged a poor white guy out of a car and beat him?” asked Higbie.

“Oh my goodness, poor white people! Please!” she responded. “Oh my– stop. Stop, Carl.”

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  1. She proved it for me democrats are LIARS.
    WAKE UP democrats are EVIL criminals
    Against AMERICA

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