[VIDEO] Rapper Lord Jamar: “Black Lives Matter Isn’t Our Movement, it Belongs to George Soros and His F**king Boys”

This is a brilliant takedown of the white liberal communist agenda

Rapper Lord Jamar has George Soros’s number. He’s not the least bit fooled by what’s happening with “Black Lives Matter.”

Have you ever wondered why there are so many white liberals involved in “Black Lives Matter”?

The reason why is because “Black Lives Matter” is not a grassroots/organic movement. If it was, as Lord Jamar says, it’d be like back in the ’60s, when the black folks fought together for civil rights.

But today’s movement is largely pushed by white communist liberals – and it’s used to push their twisted and progressive agenda.

After all, when was the last time you saw large swaths of black people fighting for LGBTQ rights? Black culture is very rooted in Christianity and family, and yet just the other day we saw hundreds of thousands of “Black Trans Lives Matter” protesters filling the streets.

Sorry, but that doesn’t add up.

Do you honestly think that comes from a “grassroots” black movement? No. That’s 100 percent white progressive communist dribble.

So, Lord Jamar is right on the money when he says the “BLM” movement doesn’t belong to black people…It was gifted to them by George Soros and his “f**cking boys” as a way to control black Americans.

See, the left can’t have black Americans out there thinking for themselves or demanding what they need – like school choice, trade schools, and community development to fix their neighborhoods and break this hopeless cycle of poverty, drugs, and gangs many have been stuck in for generations.

So, what better way to control the masses than by creating a movement that the left power-mongers completely control? This way they can ignore black on black crime – which is what is truly “killing off” the black community (that, and abortion). The left never has to offer any hope or help to turn that mess around if they just focus on “police brutality,” which statistically speaking is not systemic at all.

This is another trick the white communists on the left use to not only control black Americans but keep them in a perpetual cycle of hopelessness.

They’ll never get anywhere as a community if they’re never focused on the real issues – and that’s precisely what Soros and other white communist liberals want.

You can watch the video below:


It’s really encouraging lately to see all of the Americans who are waking up to what the left is doing.

We all complain a lot about social media, but our persistence for spreading the truth is working.

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